Friday, July 3, 2015

Glamour Don't: Falling Off on Newbury Street

What is it with crazy white "dresses" this summer? First we had this one, which has to be sleepwear or a slip pretending to be a dress. Then there was Madewell's baggy tribute to the hospital johnny.

Now, I present:

"I'm for it, of course!" said my husband when I asked him if this woman had caught his eye. He was disappointed when we passed her and discovered that this is a halter dress, which fails entirely to fulfill its promise of exciting anatomical revelation in the front. She was decently covered — at least as well as a tight, white dress can manage these days. I have no doubt that every straight guy who saw her back view was also bummed out about this.

I'm not sure if she's sorry about that or not.

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  1. Hi! Due to a past stalker, I cannot be myself on the internet. Please excuse my odd identity name. I was born in Cambridge (Mt Auburn Hospital) and grew up in Belmont. I left New England for college and ended up marrying a military man. I have lived in AZ for a long time now. My aging parents left Belmont in 2012 for the warmer climate in Texas. I would bring my boys up every summer for a month and I'm having major withdrawals. I found your blog and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed getting to know you. I'm also a cat lover so I'll be checking in weekly to see what's up in my ol' stomping grounds and your sweet kitties.


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