Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Visitor... Or — Harris, True to Form

Lion's foster mom Connie came to visit last week. I had given her a standing invitation to see Lion's food dish and to play with his toys, including his beloved little red rat, which she'd given him when we took him home in 2014. Lion is reclusive during the day; we rarely see him unless the other cats are playing with me or getting treats, and then he'll emerge from his hiding place. So I knew there was a good chance Connie wouldn't see him if she came.

He refused to come out for her. (He's shy around everyone but us, and is most sociable in the morning and after supper.) We tried to make him come out, first with treats and then with more hands-on "persuasion," which backfired badly. He hid harder than ever and almost missed his supper, hours after Connie left.

It's too bad, because Connie would have lavished him with praise and affection. And she'd brought a wonderful gift bag loaded with catnip, all kinds of toys, and treats. At least she got to hang out with Possum and Harris, who are self-appointed Good Will Ambassadors, especially when treats are possible. Toffee also made an appearance. She said they were all more beautiful in person than in my photos, and that is true.

After Connie left, Harris was true to form and stole Lion's gift bag:

Lion tried to share it but decided it was hopeless since Harris wouldn't part with anything:

The gift tag on the handle was Harris's favorite thing for a while. I can spot a couple of springy-toys in his mouth at the same time. Harris has a big mouth for a little cat.

He pulled out all the toys and played with everything, including this wooly sparkle ball.

The other cats got the leftovers. And Lion got a gentle talking-to, since Connie had driven a long way to see him and was disappointed. We reminded him that Connie had saved him and taught him how to be the great, ferocious Lion he is. I hope he'll try to do better next time.

We didn't mention that Connie reminded us that she had originally named him Cowardly Lion for a reason... And, as usual, she knew what was going on in his little mind better than we did. "He's afraid I've come to take him back, and he really wants to stay here," she said, gracefully excusing his rude behavior.

We couldn't argue with that.


  1. I agree with Connie, poor little Lion must have been terrified that she was going to abscond with him. He really loves you (and his siblings) -- thats's so sweet!


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