Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No Kittens for You!

I finally upgraded my operating system overnight and lost iPhoto, the application I use to organize and edit all my photos. I'd been told by an Apple Support guy that I could continue to use it even though Apple was switching everyone to "Photos," a version of the iPhone's photo app that's been adapted for computers. It comes standard with the new OS upgrade.

Turns out that Support guy was wrong. Which is bad. Now iPhoto is dead and gone, and I can't see any photos until I move my "photo library" into Photos. But because I had problems with iPhoto recently, since it was outdated, I now have several photo libraries to choose from, and I don't dare pick the wrong one. (And I have nearly 30,000 photos to locate and load, so things take a while.)

I will make a call to Apple for help, or perform the mysterious ritual required on Apple's website to make an appointment at our local Genius Bar, which means a wait of several days. So there will be kitten photos and scenes from Beauport and Kennebunkport eventually, but not soon.

Photos is supposed to have better editing features than iPhoto. We'll see.  I can't imagine anything easier or better than iPhoto, which I loved. I don't understand why phone apps — designed to be simple enough for a tiny screen and a couple of fingers — are supposed to be all we need on a laptop. I would hope that translating an app to more powerful technology anda more complex user interface would call for "dumbing up," so to speak, not down. Anyway, I'm trying to be hopeful but I'm not optimistic.*

We'll see.

* I realize this is how I feel about a lot of things; I can have two opposing attitudes at once. It makes decision-making terribly complicated but I am rarely disappointed by how anything turns out.

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