Sunday, July 26, 2015

Still Life with Roses and a Nose

I've been having good luck with the roses from Trader Joe's lately. They are $4.99 for eight, and if you choose wisely,* they will open slowly and last for a week or even two.

Harris likes roses and joined the clutter on our mantel, tucking himself neatly between the knight and the little framed snow scene to radiate charm, contentment, and innocence:

That lasted a few minutes and then he became less innocent and more conniving:

 And the roses went back to a safer spot in the bedroom, out of his reach.

* How I choose long-lasting roses: First, choose buds with petals that look tight, fresh, and dewy. Avoid petals that seem withered or have fading or browning along the edges. (Even if they are a gorgeous color, you won't be happy when they're finished in a couple of days.) Then press a few buds very, very gently between your thumb and forefinger. The best roses feel tight and firm between your fingers. If they seem soft or floppy, pass on those. You'll quickly learn to spot — or feel — the winners. At home, trim off all the lower leaves, cut the stems on a sharp angle with pruners, and immediately put them in water (room temperature is fine) mixed with with a packet of florists' preservative. Keep them away from Harris and Toffee.


  1. I was told by a florist when you cut the stems you should do so under water. If you don't you risk an air bubble getting up in the stem which causes floppy heads.

  2. How do you pick a Harris and Toffee? I would love one of each. 😻


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