Saturday, August 8, 2015

Art Appreciation Night

Possum requires all of his cats to attend his periodic lectures — or should I say, "free-association ramblings" — on art and other cultural subjects, and he sometimes assigns homework. It's just part of being Top Cat around here. He feels it's his duty to educate everyone and give them something to think about besides how much food he is sneaking from their food dishes twice a day.

The other night I found the boys doing their looking assignment. (Wendy doesn't bother; Possum despairs of her ever developing any intellectual curiosity.)

Harris doesn't see why we have a silly old landscape over the fireplace when it's a prime spot for a large portrait of him:

At one point, Possum interrupted them loudly from the other room, reminding them to think about composition, color, perspective, mood, and technique — and to stop wondering whether there's a tiny flying insect crawling somewhere on the canvas:

Lion takes his studies very seriously, while Toffee is easily distracted by scientific ideas, which he considers far more interesting. Harris is just Harris — always aware that he is The Most Important Cat in the room:

In this last photo, Toffee has just had some alarming realizations about Global Warming, and the others are listening attentively:


  1. Ah, your cuddle of cats are just too smart for words.

  2. Love those kitties! Last year, my new kitty kept staring at a particular wall. I had no idea why. After 2 months, a wet spot appeared on that wall. I had a plumber come out and sure enough, I had a very slow leak. I told him about my kitty staring at the wall and he said that he hears the same story all the time. Those kitties have great hearing. You may have a leak or some critter in that wall. Hope not!

  3. Toffee always has the best faces.

  4. Hello Lion you've grown up to be very handsome,xx Rachel and Speedy


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