Sunday, August 16, 2015

Greetings from Maine

I will have kitten photos and lots more to post but, right now, I feel like putting on my first swimsuit of the day and heading out to the hot tub. We have yet to go to Bar Harbor or Acadia, so we haven't hiked, walked on carriage roads, or even eaten popovers, but there's time. We have been catching up with friends here and making a few new ones, and lounging around the pool and having our "summer simmer" in the hot tub. And it feels perfect.

There hasn't been a dramatic pink sunset on the harbor yet but it was still a pretty sight last night. As I stood there, I saw three people I know: mother and son in their motorboat, coming back from checking lobster traps, and another fellow who was to take his lovely little sailboat, the one at the left side of the dock, to its mooring for the night. So many nice people live in this town, and more come to stay at this inn.

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