Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon, I began to notice the sky darkening and the leaves blowing upward as I meandered in and out of shops on Newbury Street, just trying to stay cool as I made my way home after having (iced) tea with a friend.

The forecasters had been nattering on about possible showers and thunderstorms for more than a week, and it never happened. I began ignoring them. No matter what they said, I was not hauling an umbrella on a such a sweltering, sunny day.

So when the sky suddenly got very dark and I heard thunder, I picked up my pace. I figured I'd walk to the Commonwealth Avenue Mall where trees would shelter me from any alleged rain until I got to my cross street. But I was too late. Torrential rain and the first smattering of hail hit me as I neared Fairfield Street. The weather clearly meant business, so I jogged across and took refuge in Deluca's Market with about a dozen other soggy people. We watched the lightning and torrents from the windows as the street began to flood and the hail came down. Someone ran out and grabbed one:

Deluca's has a plexiglass skylight across the front of the store, which I'd never noticed before. As hail hit it, it made a surprising racket. 

Captive and jumpy, most of us distracted ourselves with shopping (Vigo Red Beans and Rice: hard to find!). The rain quieted down, the sky lightened a little, and the other refugees left, so I paid and went down Fairfield Street... and rain hit me hard again. I was about four blocks from home. I put my woven sun hat on, thinking it would help. Ha. I was soaked in seconds. 

There was so much water on the sidewalks that I had to take my sandals off because my feet were sliding around in them and I didn't want to ruin them. I have such incredibly fussy feet that I can't wear 99.9% of shoes, but I can usually walk barefoot for at least a few blocks. I pondered this as I hurried down sidewalks and streets covered in twigs and leaves brought down by the hail. I noticed patches of blue sky, so I figured the rain would stop and the sun would shine the moment I got to my door.

Inside, there wasn't a cat to be seen. They were all hiding from the storm. I had to towel off. I'd been wearing a new white cotton shirt and tank top, and I found that bright blue dye from my straw hat had stained both of them. Since it was blue, I scrubbed them with a stain remover for ink (I have a set of Carbona Stain Devils since we are messy) and it worked. Then I reshaped my sodden hat, which had already shrunk. As I put on dry clothes, I saw blue sky, sunshine, and emerging cats.

Next time I will keep shopping until the sun comes out.

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  1. You had hail, my sister (north of me by half an hour) had hail.. no hail here. I've never seen hail in person bigger than peas before.. (kinda hoping I never do)


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