Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Harris and Toffee

Today Harris and Toffee turned 3, but I'm pleased to note that they are both still immature for their age, with plenty of kitten still left in them. Harris was racing around making his little warbling sounds just a few minutes ago. At night, he's started joining us in bed, curling up under our chins in the wee hours. He usually manages to do this without waking me, but my husband is a lighter sleeper and tells me each morning how many times Harris snuggled with us.

Toffee has more dignity but not enough to prevent him from attacking the sheets and hiding under them as I try to make the bed. He visits me in the morning when I'm waking up or reading, and often sleeps at our feet. They are both perfect in our opinion. And perfectly beautiful, too.

We know today is Harris's birthday because he was fortunate to be born to a pregnant cat taken in by a great foster mother in Connecticut. She kept his mother, Winnie, who filled out into a gorgeous, fluffy lady. About a month after we got Harris, we adopted Toffee, a stray from Dorchester. They liked each other instantly, so we decided they could share a birthday. We hope they will share many more!

Some kitten pictures of them together:

My husband took these last two shots. I think this one is probably our best cat portrait ever:

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