Sunday, August 23, 2015

Home Again, Home Again

We left Southwest Harbor yesterday after a gloriously lazy and pleasant vacation. We hardly left the inn except to walk down the street for dinner. We ventured into Acadia National Park merely to eat popovers and gaze at the Bubbles and Jordan Pond. We didn't hike, climb, sail, paddle, or bike. We spent almost all of our days outside, beginning with breakfast on the porch. Then I put on a swimsuit and read through a few months of winter and spring New Yorkers in the hot tub, or cooled off in the pool. I'd packed four swimsuits and needed them all.

Our first four days were sunny and unusually warm. Even so, we usually had the pool area to ourselves in the mornings and afternoons (aside from an innkeeper or two enjoying a dip). When other guests returned exhausted from their park exertions late in the day, we were ready for company. We caught up on the innkeepers' news; since there are six people on staff and we also get news about other guests we know, this takes a while. We ran into most of the locals we know on our brief forays into town for food.

We made some new friends, too. We met a terrific woman from Portland, visiting the inn for the first time with her little girl. One of her coworkers had recommended the inn; we know the coworker since she visited a few times when we were there. We discussed cats, among other things, in the hot tub, and she surprised us with a gift of some local catnip toys on her last day at the inn.

A colleague from Boston and his partner were also spending the week up there. The connections between Boston and Mount Desert Island are many.

I met a couple from South Carolina who have their own ad agency. Since I used to work in a big Boston agency, we talked about the old days of the business and how much better it is to work for yourself.

We also met friendly people from D.C., Texas, and New York, and a retired doctor with a Yale degree who objected loudly and humorously to the university logo on my husband's baseball cap over breakfast one morning.

We did exert ourselves to visit Thuya Lodge and Garden, and we even looked in on Northeast and Bar Harbors. We spotted a deer. But we were always ready to zip right back to the pool.

In spite of all this lethargy, I found myself falling asleep around 9:30 and waking up a little after 6. I guess making conversation is more exhausting than I realized.

The last few days of our trip were foggy but still warm. There were no pink sunsets on the dock — the entire harbor was veiled in gray mist. It seemed even more pointless to hike a mountain trail or take a coastal walk at Seawall without the usual dramatic ocean and mountain views.

Yesterday on the drive home we stopped in Camden and Wiscasset, two busy coastal towns where I hope to spend more time someday. When my phone is fixed and I can get my photos onto my laptop, I hope to post some photos of Camden along with a few last photos of Connie's kittens, since we visited them on the drive up last week. They are waiting to find adoptive families at the shelter now, and little Frasier has already gone to his new home.


  1. We stopped in Camden on our way from Portland to St. John and Halifax last week. It was a lovely place to stroll and enjoy harbor views as we ate lunch. We are lucky to have access to such pretty areas as we travel.

  2. reminds me of those stories of summering at the Poconos where people would go up summer after summer and have their 'summer friends'


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