Sunday, August 23, 2015

Out of Touch

We're back in Boston and I'll be posting again soon.

Like everyone these days, we are dependent on our phones. We can't use them to make calls in Southwest Harbor since Verizon's cellular service doesn't cover that side of Mount Desert Island. This is not a problem until we want to make a restaurant reservation or connect with senior citizen relatives. Usually we're fine relying on texting and email. But, on the second day of our vacation, my phone decided to take its own vacation and stopped connecting to wifi, downgrading itself from mobile device to camera. It refused to recognize any wifi passwords, even when I'd type in the correct one a dozen times (it would keep on asking, see. And, yes, I counted).

My husband, whom I married for 24-7 tech support, did various reboots and reinstallations and I tried all kinds of settings changes, but the phone remained on strike. When we got home last night, it refused to recognize our home network. We have an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar this morning. Since something similar happened to it the last time I traveled any distance (Toronto, last fall), I am going to ask nicely for a replacement phone — one with a better work ethic. (I hope it will be an inspiration to me, since it looks like I'll be seriously broke after we move. I'm going to need a real job.)

I'm grateful that I still had a camera, at least. But with no wireless transfer, I can't get the photos onto my laptop to post here unless I send myself a zillion emails. So my Postcards from Maine will be arriving a little late.


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    1. They did! They gave me a brand-new phone, which is great. Less great: all the headaches of setting it up, losing all my stored emails, texts, and settings. I'm still waiting for my 20,000+ photos to appear from the Cloud.

  2. This year was the first time my phone did not go on strike while in Acadia. Back when the company gave me a BlackBerry, it would give up the ghost and refuse to find networks, change or function even if plugged in. Last year I had a company iPhone and it gave up trying to connect to the internet after being deprived of connection for too long. I had to do a hard reset once we got home. This year I put the phone in airplane mode as soon as we go to Ellsworth and kept it there except when we went to Bar Harbor and that seems to have done the trick. We are always grateful for the lovely Southwest Harbor Library for its lovely sitting room and abundant wifi.


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