Sunday, August 30, 2015

Postcards from Maine: Italian Car Candy

Mount Desert Island is loaded with antique and vintage cars that have wintered in summer-house garages for generations. You'll spot a few on almost any trip around the island. There's also a collector who lives down the road from our inn, so there's always something to check out on our trips back and forth to town for dinner, the library, or the grocery store.

This Porsche with saddle interior is my favorite color combo, but I hardly batted an eye because it was usually parked next to his Porsche 1600 Super

And the rest of the time it was parked next to this:

This is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint coupe from the mid to late 1950s:

For the record, I know very little about old cars — I'm not obsessed and I don't have an encyclopedic memory for details, like car-loving friend Some Assembly Required. I just admire a great car when I spot one, which is like shooting fish in a barrel on MDI. Then I usually have to Google it... unless it's a Chevy Camaro or some other model I grew up with.

Anyway, check out the black-and-ivory interior and that gray and red upholstery. I love the piping; our Subaru BRZ has red piping, too.

Now that's Italian.

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