Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Postcards from Maine: The Kitten Farewell

Romeow, oh Romeow.

On the way up to Mount Desert Island, we stopped to visit Connie and say goodbye to her five foster kittens. Since our previous visit in July, they'd gotten bigger, smarter, braver, cuddlier, and more adorable in every way. I've grown a little too attached to these kittens after seeing too many photos and videos on Connie's Tails of the Foster Kittens blog and Facebook page. It doesn't help that I know from Lion that she "makes" wonderful kittens.

Romeow in a bitey mood.

Angelo looking sweet and pensive.

Mimi investigates my bag.

Connie took them to the shelter on Friday, after they were neutered. Frasier was adopted very quickly, but was returned on Saturday. Since the family reportedly already had a cat and a dog, I can only assume they screwed up the introduction royally, or decided he didn't match their color scheme, or something equally foolish. It certainly wasn't Frasier's fault. He's a perfect kitten and he's going to be a superb cat. Their loss. I mean, look at him:

Holly was adopted by a shelter volunteer, and the two tuxedo cats, Mimi and Romeow, were also adopted. Angelo and Frasier were still available as of yesterday. How could anyone visiting a shelter to adopt kittens possibly resist them? We avoided the shelter on our long drive home last Saturday we drove home, we had to keep talking ourselves out of going there.

Holly is as sweet as she looks.

I kept taking shots of Angelo because he's got such a great little face, with a heart-shaped spot on his nose:

Romeow is also photogenic:

Farewell, kittens! I hope you all have found wonderful new homes full of love and healthy food. And I hope all of your new owners decide to keep in touch with Connie so we can all see photos of you as you grow up.... this never happens, says Connie. (I'm apparently abnormal since I barrage her with Lion news and photos.)


  1. I love how you captured Romeow's antennae. And I love love the photos of Angelo holding paw..

    I'm actually kind of impressed you didn't stop at the shelter, I would have thought the car would have just taken you there against your will ;)

  2. I too hope she hears from the new families. We have heard from the 2 families that adopted our puppies. It was wonderful to hear.


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