Friday, August 28, 2015

Postcards from Maine: Thuya Garden

We tore ourselves away from the pool and hot tub to visit Thuya Garden in Northeast Harbor. There are about 200 steps up to the garden and the original owner's house along a wooded trail. You climb up stone steps, a few easy stone ledges, and then up steps edged with planks and covered in gravel, which is raked into a pattern every morning in the style of a Japanese Garden.

It feels like you're in the woods, but the trail you are on is not just groomed but manicured:

When you turn around, there are views of Northeast Harbor, beautiful even in fog:

You pass the lodge to get to the garden. We'll visit the house later. Here's one of two carved garden gates, with carved motifs of plants, mammals, birds, and bees:

The garden was truly spectacular this year. Everything was at the peak of blooming, and as tall and bright and healthy as can be.

Here, white phlox, blue delphinium, and what I think is purple lantana:

Some garden beds with Thuya Lodge in the background:

 Future postcards will show more flowers and take you inside the lodge.

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