Monday, August 31, 2015

Three's a Crowd

It's been a while since I've shown you any of my own felines, so here goes:

On warm days, some of the boys spend their day lounging on the bed under the ceiling fan. Here Toffee is washing Possum's head while Harris hangs on to one of Possum's feet and gives me a dirty look.

It's hard to believe August is over. It looks like we'll be moving into our new condo in late September, assuming there are no surprises that prevent us from closing... and after we finish some of the work that should be done before we fill the place with books and cats. 

We're excited! Yet it doesn't seem real... and in spite of my multi-year house-hunt and desperation to end it, moving isn't unalloyed joy. The past few weeks have been stressful, scary, and sad at times for me. Moving is one of those major Life Traumas, according to the psychologists, and even though I know we're making a good decision, I've still needed a lot of time and thought to adjust. But I'm slowly wrapping my head around the situation, including possible solutions to some of the issues of the new place, which has helped a lot. We're also starting to decide how to fix up our current place to sell it. For the months that we'll be paying mortgages an fees and taxes on both places, we're going to be broke! 

When we bought this place, I thought we'd live here forever, so leaving is bittersweet. The new place doesn't quite have the grace of this one — the bedroom and office are very narrow and awkward, the bathrooms are old and tiny, the ceilings are lower, and it doesn't have all the lovely Victorian detail we've come to love in our current place. (I never thought that great ceiling molding would ever matter so very much to me....) We also have a custom kitchen and bath here that are exactly what we love. But there are definitely lots of advantages about the new place, and I'm trying to focus on those.

More to come on that subject soon.

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  1. I agree, moving is a trauma.. I think even more so for introverts.. but once you get your bunk beds in there, you'll be fine ;)


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