Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day #6, Wendy!

We adopted Wendy six years ago today. On that day, unbeknownst to me, I became Evil Mommy. (And let's not forget that other surprise she brought with her: ringworm. Compared to what we're going through now, that little nightmare was a walk in the park. But those were some crazy months.)

Here she is, giving me the stink eye when I congratulated her this afternoon:

She's a beautiful, silky-furred girl but I can't usually get near her. If I corner her on a windowsill I can pet her for a little while as she tenses up as she Is Trapped and Facing Death; otherwise she dashes away. I do a lot of "air petting" above a vanishing Wendy.

Look at her fuzzy little feet. They have polka dots on the bottoms, too. My husband gets to pet her every day. He can play with her feet, and rub her belly, and stroke her chin...but only at designated "safe" times when he's either in bed or sitting in his leather chair. He pulls over a bentwood chair and she settles in and purrs raucously as he strokes her. If I get too close or even if I say anything, she's gone.

In the past year I have been given the privilege of being able to rotate her food dish as she eats her supper, to make it easier for her to get every morsel. If I try to touch her with so much as a finger after doing this, she flies.

Sigh. I still love you, Wendybird.


  1. Wendy reminds me of my precious Sabrina. I was the lucky one that could love on her. Everyone else was evil. It certainly made me feel special. You are special because you still love her despite her bad attitude. ;-)

  2. Reminds me so much of my current foster kittens.. I just want to smoosh them and kiss them and stroke their furs and play with their toes, and they are so full of NO NO NO it kinda hurts


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