Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Homeowners x 2

We did it. We bought the new condo today. When we went to Fidelity early this morning to wipe out our savings and order the wire transfer for the closing, there was a big bowl of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on the counter. I bent over it, inhaled, and stayed there for a while. Then I had a couple. That helped.

I managed to stay fairly well calm and well-behaved later, at the walk-through and signing of not one but two sets of mortgage papers at the lawyer's office.

And in the afternoon we went to look at the condo again. Ugh! I either seriously lack imagination these days, or I'm mentally unhinged, or I just really, really don't handle change well. Or I bought a place that's a disaster. Right now, I simply don't want to live there. I'm hoping this feeling, which feels real and intense, is just temporary, a stress reaction to a big change, that will pass as I get more used to the place. I hope this more for my poor husband's sake than for my one. He's trying to be excited about this big, long-anticipated purchase and I keep popping his balloons.

To me, it's tired and not really my taste. ("SO WHY DID YOU BUY IT?" you ask. Good question. "YOU LOOKED FOR SIX YEARS AND BOUGHT SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T LIKE???" you ask. I know! Go figure!)

My poor husband. He has put up with a lot in recent years and these last few weeks have been tough on both of us. But I'm the one making it tough on him. We should be celebrating. I am hoping this state I'm in dissipates. Soon.

But, seriously... it needs paint and repairs to a lot of wear and tear. It lacks charm and elegance, although my husband says I can create that. (We'll see.) It really needs new bathrooms. Lots of awkward details, shoddy materials and workmanship, and cheap finishes. No rich deep moldings, high ceilings, and big sunny windows as we have now.

What does it have? A great Back Bay address. It's on our favorite block of our favorite street. It has a nice private roof deck. It has friendly, responsible, quiet neighbors and lots of rules and regulations to keep it that way. It has lots of space — two living rooms and lots of long walls for bookcases.

If only I liked it! I'm working on it, I promise.


  1. You did it! Don't worry, I felt the same when I moved into our disaster of a house 22 years ago. It took 10 years but now you couldn't pay me to leave it. I cried the first day and asked myself the same questions as you above. One day at a time. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! and now take a very deep breath... and then begin to picture your things in the new place. I am conviced that no real estate purchase is perfect, but it is all improvable and that is the part that makes it your place and not the previous owner's. Yes, it would be nice if we could just snap our fingers and have it be done, but take a small space at a time and dig in - and enjoy yourself. and just think how your furry family will enjoy all the extra room!

  3. Yay! Congratulations!! You will love it once you Claim it. Your colors, Your furnishings. Your cats draping themselves around the rooms watching you develop this new place into a home. It will welcome you more and more as you lay claim to each and every corner. Take a few favorite things over now, as you work on it so you know it is YOURS. WELCOME HOME!!
    PS: Be patient with little Wendy. You know she will think this is was done just to upset her.

  4. I hear you--I rented an apartment in NYC that I had to jump on fast, and when I got the keys and let myself in after having seen it only once, I burst into tears. Also, loud neighbors and creepy doorman. BUT, there was a cat in the basement who was the most exquisite cat, and she became mine, and I had the best 8 years with her (we moved out after 2 years). So good things come even from the bad. The fact that you own this place, have good quiet neighbors (call the cops anytime there's noise from the frat!) and are living in the best area in Boston is a LOT of good stuff. You will fix up the place to your taste over time--try to enjoy the process. Best wishes!

  5. it is so hard....I remember when I bought my condo....then closed and got ready to move and had this moment of "WTF?" just hold on to the good and remember that cosmetic can be changed...get YOUR stuff in it and a little bit of paint and add the cats and then it is home

  6. The only thing that matters is the bones.. everything else can be changed.. even some of the bones can be rearranged (knocking down walls) and while it won't happen over night, this place will become the keeper of your soul and 'all of your stuff'.. and it will become home.

    It will not be easy, but it WILL be worth it.


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