Monday, September 21, 2015

More Postcards from Brimfield

Ah, it's good to distract myself with something other than real estate and my ongoing worries and woes. I skipped my traditional apple fritter this time and lived — although I wonder if it spoiled my luck since we didn't find anything we could or should buy. (We also passed on some whoopie pies that were the size of personal pizzas and selling two-for-one. They were made using the original Drake's Devil Dog recipe from 1950s; we tried a sample and it was clear.)

Back to the fields.

Someone had to be talked out of buying one of these shiny lifesize sarcophagi. And it wasn't me.

Once in a great while, I find a tent full of great stuff that's been perfectly arranged, and it's rare and attractive that I feel I want to buy everything. This toy and doll shop had that effect on me:

The shopkeeper had wonderful inventory and knew how to show it off:

Display skills can make almost anything more attractive. Almost anything:

I don't normally crave a bear, but I briefly wanted one of her bears, because they had so much character. Several of them looked like Sebastian Flyte's Aloysius.

What we really wanted was this rare Victorian burlwood rolltop desk with Japanese influences, glass medallions, and a $9,500 price tag. We had never seen such an amazing desk and it was surprising to find it sitting in the grass at Brimfield. Inside was a decorating magazine from 1961 that featured the desk and the house it once belonged to. We were tempted to splurge and it's a very good thing that we figured out that it's as tall as our tallest ceiling. (Our next place will have high ceilings, I swear.)

It seems I've come round to worrying again, so I'll sign off before it gets boring.


  1. so how much do sarcophagi go for these days?

    Wow, that desk is a find isn't it?? with the magazine? woh..

  2. I cannot imagine having to set up and tear down all those tents and stalls of displays!! Just the thought of that has me bagging up extra stuff and hauling it to the local animal rescue thrift shop.
    Oh, and I have sent some catnip toys on to the housefull of sweet felines that call themselves Tails from the Foster Kittens. Robin's crew also gets some from time to time. Maybe, if Connie would be so kind, I could send her some to send on to Miss Wendy, The Professor, Sweet Taffy, Noble Harris and The King of the Jungle, Lion.


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