Sunday, September 20, 2015

Postcards from September Brimfield: A Distraction

We went to Brimfield a week ago Thursday, shortly before all hell broke loose on the real-estate front (that night we saw the new apartment empty, and in the dark, and I have not been the same since). Remembering that fun afternoon is a nice distraction right now. A heavy downpour was expected all afternoon, and it let loose about 20 minutes after left, so perfect timing. 

It's always fun to wander around the acres of fields, but this time we realized that we finally had room for a new item of furniture or two. We hunted for a desk, a fireplace screen, and a small table. We didn't have any success, but it was refreshing to actually need things for a change.

As usual, there were bizarre assemblages and weird items everywhere. Sometimes I think that about a third of Brimfield's dealers are frustrated Surrealists.

As soon as we left the field where we parked, there was this:

Nearby was a pert amputee in bloomers. Note the moody guy behind her:

A close-up. I wouldn't want to share a room with anyone so... emotional. Maybe he's stewing about those creepy dolls beneath him.

I didn't know what this very blue gateway was in its previous life — an entrance to a small amusement park ride? I just know I want nothing to do with it:

Classic Brimfield Surrealism: mannequins in combat gear embellishing a homemade garden sculpture  made from rusty metal scrap and possibly car parts.

Then there was this skeleton on the roof of a tent that held perfectly ordinary stuff.

Someone went to the trouble to pose those bones just so, for maximum effect:

Finally this collection of men's heads (one looks to be a drag queen), all with extremely fey expressions. I'll bet the juxtaposition of the sign was intentionally ironic:

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  1. I'm glad you liked my skeleton on my tent at Brimfield antique show. it does stand out from everyone else's tents. so that is why I did it. he's always up at the may and sept Brimfield Meadows shows. next to the office Thanks Chris Trimble of Trimble's Tavern Antiques of Virginia!


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