Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I fell asleep on the sofa the other afternoon, during the cats' dinner hour. My husband was sitting nearby. He told me he'd watched Lion come over and look at me. And then he said Lion meowed at me very softly, so as not to startle me awake. Such a polite cat, that one. Then Possum jumped on the sofa and walked on me and that was that.

I always enjoy September, even though it never feels as much like fall as I would like. The best thing about September is that it isn't sweaty old August and the second best thing is that October arrives next. October is my favorite month, although December has a few things going for it, too. And September is pretty darn good — cooler nights for better sleep, loads of ripe tomatoes in the farmer's stalls, and a much quieter, emptier Cape Cod on weekends. It's pleasant to look at cozy fall clothes in the shop windows when you're still in shorts and a tee. September also brings the first signs of pumpkin this and pumpkin that in Trader Joe's.

This September will be a milestone for us — we are supposed to close on our new condo on the 16th. We will need to do some repairs, install some lighting, paint, and perhaps refinish the floors before we can move. Before we can do any of that, we need to locate and schedule the people to do the work. That's been keeping me occupied these days. No one is available. My handyman is booked for six months!

Then we need to fix up this place pronto, have it staged, and then put it on the market. (Unpacking will happen in there somewhere, too.) Until we sell this condo and our cherished parking space, we will have mortgage debt that rivals the debt of several smaller nations. 

The cats don't know about any of this; we haven't told them because we don't want them to worry. But they are all going to have get jobs if things don't work out according to plan. Me, too.

So if you know anyone looking for an old-fashioned condo in Back Bay with a built-in litter box, two fireplaces, and some very nice ghosts,  please let me know.

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