Monday, September 14, 2015

Someone Doesn't Care

Someone is already getting comfortable with the new place's layout.


  1. He's got Maslow's hierarchy of needs covered, thanks to his stupendous human and feline companions. What else matters? :)

    BTW, you're probably already painting your place, but I wanted to say: when we were selling our cottage, which I'd painted in beautiful Donald Kaufman colors that were suited to the rooms' different qualities of light (and our furnishings), we had real estate agents tell us to paint over them in plain old cream. We ignored them, and everyone who came to the open houses always commented on how beautiful the interior was. The house sold in a short period of time. Your house looks so beautiful in the photos you post here, I bet you could save some money (not to mention lung irritation from paint fumes) by not repainting your current place --unless there really are wall repairs that should be made--and instead paint the new place so it feels more inviting.

  2. or someone cares very much but knows that is going to happen and just wants to be ready


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