Monday, September 7, 2015

Ten Things

1. Moving is hard even when you really want to move. It's even harder when you're leaving rooms you've loved and made your own while the new ones still look shabby, low-ceilinged, and blah.

2. I am so fortunate to have such problems. I have zero problems compared to much of this world.

3. If you are embarking on some enormous, complicated task that requires all of your time, you can be sure that every book you reserved from the library over the past year will suddenly be ready for pickup. I got five last week, including Go Set a Watchman, which I wasn't expecting until December. And I haven't started any of them.

4.  It really pays to let the avocado ripen.

5. Watching one cat wash another's head can be very soothing.

6. The reruns of Sherlock on Masterpiece: Mystery are just as confusing and annoying as they were the first time around. But they're still well worth watching for the Cumberbatch.

7. Heatwaves in September are more of an indignity than those in July and August, but not as bad as those in May and June, the most demoralizing of all. At least in September you can laugh at the returning students who insist on wearing their new fall outfits of wool and leather when it's 92.

8. Lion just disproved that popular theory that adult cats never meow to communicate with each other but save their meowing for humans. He meows at Possum. Maybe Possum told him he is a human.

8. Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes (tiny — slightly bigger than currants). Corn on the cob. Watermelon. Summer in a bite.

9.  Never use your imagination to choose wall colors. Paint the color on a board. Move the board around the walls at different times, in different lights. Or don't bother painting at all.

10. You tell me.


  1. I'd love to know -- where do you get Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes?

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new place!

    1. Hi LR. I get the tomatoes at the Copley Farmer's Market. It's the stand at the corner across from the BPL and the Plaza, where they sell all the apple varieties in the fall. I think they also sell them at Wilson Farm. Check your local market. They are pricey but worth it!

  2. currant sized tomatoes sounds delicious! My cats are starting to meow when no one is around to see them do it, and it freaks me out.. I'm assuming they are in pain and run to figure out who is doing it.. now they are just doing it to watch me freak out.

    So is your house such a mess that you don't want visitors?

    1. Why? Do you want to visit??? Come help me throw things out! The place isn't messy at all since I've had to keep it nice for all the people trooping through it to give me estimates for things they have no time to do, and I can't afford anyway.


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