Thursday, October 22, 2015

Christmastime Is Here

Okay, so it's only Christmastime at Crate & Barrel, and Marshall's, and just about every retailer that sends me catalogs. 

I know we're all supposed to keep Christmas in our hearts all year long, like the good characters in A Christmas Carol, but I don't think this is what Dickens had in mind. No one wants a goose and a mince pie every day, and no one wants Christmas ornaments in the third week of October. Not even me, and I love them.

But this was the scene at Crate & Barrel earlier this week:

I will confess I was please to see that a few of their ornaments from last year are back, including their cute hand-knitted Booby Birds. I got one for my sister last year — the last one they had — and Somebody attacked it before I had a chance to wrap it. I found it on the floor, soggy and too unraveled to give her:

She'll get her Booby Bird this year. But I'm certainly not buying it in October.

This year, you can start a new tradition with the Crate & Barrel Holiday Octopus:

We will need to make up a Christmas legend for the Holiday Octopus. Maybe something about how it was going to be used for the Feast of a Thousand Fishes in an Italian household, but then a flock of Booby Birds rescued it and flew it to the North Pole, where its many tentacles made it a star of speed and efficiency doing order fulfillment in Santa's warehouse. I mean workshop. (In my family, Santa and Amazon have become inextricably linked.)

Whatever. Let me know if you come up with something better.

For us cat people, there is this wrapping paper covered in holiday mice — or rats,  judging from the size of the whiskers and the body type. Now we can wrap our cats' presents more attractively:

In my younger days, I did not imagine that rats, octopi, or booby birds would be a part of my holiday scene. But I didn't imagine that the holidays would start in mid-October, either. My head was threatening to explode so, before I could explore any further, I left the store.

I'll go back in November... or whenever the free samples of holiday candy appear.

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  1. okay, the mouse paper is cute.. and that octopus ornament is something I need to buy from my sister


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