Monday, October 5, 2015

Good News in Cat Food

Liz Eastman of The Natural Cat Care Blog has just updated her list of Best Cat foods. This is great news because feeding your cats the best-quality food you can find (and afford) is the key to keeping them healthy and happy. It should also mean lower vet bills and less heartbreak for you down the road, because poor nutrition is the cause of many common health problems from renal disease to obesity.

Read about Liz's thinking here. I find that her priorities match mine in choosing the safest, healthiest, low-carb foods. I choose our cat food using the same criteria she does but when I tried to do the research myself, I found it so frustrating and difficult that I finally gave up. My thanks for Liz for doing that hard work.

See the new, expanded list of foods here. Note that these are all raw and canned foods. Liz doesn't bother with dry food, and neither should you. You can read her thinking on this here.

The other online source for the best cat (and dog) food is Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food. Susan is a passionate advocate for honesty and quality in pet food and she works hard to persuade the food industry, lawmakers, and government organizations to pay more attention to honesty, safety, transparency, and quality — it's shockingly obvious that none of these takes priority over profit for anyone involved in the business.

If you are new to Susan's work, read about it here.

Susan publishes an online database of pet food information for paid subscribers ($17.95 annually), called  the Petsumer Report. She also publishes an annual list of a relatively small number of brands that she'd feed her own animals. She charges a small fee for this list, and it doesn't seem to be available on the site right now, perhaps because she's updating it. (I've found it confirms some of Liz Eastman's research but it primarily features dog foods, since there are many more good ones out there than there are for cats. Her cat food list is small — mostly raw foods, and often local brands.) You can also subscribe to her free newsletter to stay informed about pet food recalls, her battles and successes as a pet food advocate, and other news.

Possum is excited to know that we will probably expanding his food choices but I don't think he understands that we are still planning to feed him the same amount twice a day.

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  1. more food but the same amount of food, that math does seem wrong, I agree with Possum


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