Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lion Turns Two

Lion posed for his birthday portrait the other day, looking wise and stately as he settled on the velvet chair cushion instead of perching on top of the pillow in back, as he has done ever since he arrived as a skinny, scruffy kitten:

Don't imagine for a moment that he is always dignified or decorative. This happened last night:

After attacking Possum's paw, Lion bolted away and disappeared. Possum was unperturbed.

Our vet says that cats aged two to three often go through a tricky "adolescence" as they work out their exact position in the local feline hierarchy. Sometimes young cats will become more aggressive as they try to move upward, while others will be mellow and satisfied with their lot. Possum is our Top Cat, while Wendy has placed herself at the bottom of the totem pole. Where Harris, Toffee, and Lion are positioned is hard for me to say, but they all get along almost always and hang out comfortably with everyone else.

I don't think Lion was attempting to become Top Cat last night. If he was, he needs to get over himself and give it up as a lost cause.

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  1. He probably thought it was a toy and freaked when he realized it wasn't :) Happy Birthday sweet boy.


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