Thursday, October 8, 2015

Little Things

The new place has been listed for sale. We like and trust the agent we picked. Now I'm holding my breath, hoping that someone will fall in love with it, as we once did... and that we can extricate ourselves from this muddle soon.

If not... well... I'm going to try not to think about that.

But whatever happens, I'm beginning to see that it won't be the end of the world. I have heard and read too many true stories lately about friends, acquaintances, and strangers near and far, who are going through far worse troubles. Death, serious illness, crime, accidents, loss of homes to fires and floods... all tragic, devastating, and unexpected. And not self-inflicted.

We got ourselves into our housing muddle. We should be able to use our brains to get ourselves out, without losing everything, I hope. We continue to have each other, our friends, our health, and a lot of nice felines.

I am going to stop here, on this positive note, which is practically the first I've felt in a few weeks, in case pessimism returns.

But first I have to advise you to hurry up and get some of this:

We found ourselves driving north aimlessly on Sunday. We missed the New Hampshire exits and wound up at the Stonewall Kitchen Company Store in York, Maine. Unlike their other stores, this is their huge HQ, a foodie destination with a cafĂ©, cooking classes, and the full range of their products along with all kinds of kitchen supplies, tableware, and "seasonal" stuff. And, of course, the kicker: loads of free samples. You can taste dozens of their 50 or so varieties of jam, jelly, and marmalade if you're in the mood. My husband happens to be crazy about pretzels, including the cheap little sticks they provide for sampling sauces, so he is often willing to go there for "tasticles" as he calls them, although he doesn't always put anything on the pretzels.

Everyone must love pretzels as much as he does; the place was packed, as always. Not everything for sale is wonderful: they had little glass jars of same-old candy corn for $10.95, which would net you many pounds of that tricolored, waxen, solidified corn-syrup at CVS. But their own products are generally very good in addition to being prettily packaged.

I'm not a fan of pretzels, maple, or aioli, but I tried it... and nearly finished the bowl. I kept walking away to put distance between me and it, and getting drawn back magnetically. I think I returned to "try" it four times, preferring it to all of their jams and dessert sauces.

It's rich. It's creamy. It's high in fat. It tastes more like maple-smoked bacon than real maple-smoked bacon sometimes does. It is not bacon-flavored aioli with maple syrup added for sweetness. It's maple-smoked bacon in a jar. Spread a small amount on a ham or turkey sandwich, or a cracker, or your finger.

Little things make life a lot better sometimes. This is one.


  1. It's great that you've had such a banner week: putting the new apartment up for sale AND discovering the joys of maple bacon aioli. Hard to say which little triumph merits more celebration, but I congratulate you on both. (And thank you for the recommendation for what is apparently another Stonewall Kitchen product I'll become addicted to.)

  2. I love stonewall kitchen! why did you not tell me you were in town, I would have loved to come and spend tim... oh.. okay.. n/m

  3. As to the new place. Live, learn, make some mistakes, learn some more and move on, wiser and in the long run better off.
    Maple Bacon Aioli. Mmmmmm.........................


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