Thursday, October 15, 2015


Today I was very pleased to find that my new favorite thing, Maple Bacon Aioli from The Stonewall Kitchen, is available at Shaw's Supermarkets:

This means two things:

1. Local campers don't have to trek to a Stonewall Kitchen store or pay shipping to try some.

2. I can stop skimping and start eating it straight from the jar with a spoon, since I can get a refill the minute I need it.


  1. Nice to have convenient indulgences!

  2. This is my Stonewall habit: 1. Taste everything in the store. 2. Think about buying about 5 or 6 bottles. 3. Say "I can make it myself" and leave. 4. Don't make it myself. 5. Repeat.

  3. It is absolutely everywhere up here. And considering we are about half an hour away from the factory, you would think I would eat more of it..


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