Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Possum and Lion

It's nice to see how everyone is getting along. Harris has been nursing on our ears at night and Lion joins us every evening to purr and "make biscuits," kneading us and heabutting until he gets the petting he wants. Toffee curls up with us, too. Possum vastly prefers my husband these days but he sometimes remembers to give me a little token affection. (Keep in mind, Possum: He didn't want you because of your ear and he really wanted you to be a girl.)

Now, if only someone would buy our new apartment... we paid a bundle to have the place staged last week, and it looks a thousand times better, even if it's modern, with lots of gray and beige, and not our taste at all. It still looks really nice. We had new photos taken and we located a rental parking space to go with it, since no one ever wants to hunt for a spot. We put plants and a pumpkin on the front porch and lilies in the lobby. We had good attendance at the open house on Sunday, but still no offer. Sigh.

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