Sunday, October 4, 2015

Recent Adorableness: The Nervous One

We all do stupid things sometimes. Some of us do, anyway. I'm sure many of you readers have never achieved my level of "What the Hell Was I Thinking?"  

I have spent most of my life trying not to do stupid things. I was in my thirties (and married twice) before I felt I could relax and stop worrying about becoming a Teenage Unwed Mother. But despite my best efforts, I still manage the occasional doozy. The current real-estate mess is a case in point.

After we screw up, some of us feel horrible and guilty, and torture ourselves about it for ages, while the rest of us keep a stiff upper lip, learn from the mistake quickly, and move on. (And some of us deny everything. I've found that Harris is like that. He believes he's the perfect cat, so it's impossible that he would, say, roll my husband's expensive Josh Simpson paperweight off the mantel and onto the floor. Harris would say that didn't happen. But it did.)

Anyway, guess which of those categories I fall into: tortured, stiff-lipped, or denying? And then guess about Lion and Possum. Here are some photos I took of them the other night:

Possum hasn't had anything to be embarrassed about since about the middle of April, when he shocked my husband at breakfast one morning. Come to think of it, that was probably the first embarrassing thing he ever did. He is so self-assured that he manages to look dignified even when he accidentally rolls off the sofa in his sleep.

Lion, on the other hand, is my kind of guy. He hasn't been caught doing Anything Really Stupid since that  rather expensive blunder on May 10, 2014, but I swear he's still processing that ordeal. He's definitely the worrier of our bunch. (Wendy worries, too, but only about me killing her. She is a good reminder that some people manage to be somewhat stupid all the time.)

But Lion is the anxious type, like me. He feels the weight of the world on his plush shoulders. Just look at him:

I don't know if the cats have figured out that they might be moving, or that their supply of pricy cat food might be in some jeopardy in coming months, but I'm pretty sure they sense that we are under unusual stress these days. When I look at Lion's face, it's easy to imagine that there's something heavy on his mind, just as there is on mine.

But then he comes to purr and snuggle with me after I go to bed, and that's a wonderful distraction. It's important to take comfort when it's offered — from friends, cats, and soft cushions.

Thank you, everyone, for being there for me.

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  1. Sounds like the both of you need some rescue remedy..

    and as for dwelling over mistakes, I still cringe and have stomach churning episodes when I recall the stupid stupid thing I said to a car of seniors when they dropped me off at home - I was a freshman. I doubt they even thought about what I said for a second, but here I am over 25 years later..


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