Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kitten Time: Lovey, Ethan Errol & the Christmas Follies

Here's one last post on Connie's four foster kittens — and their mama.

Lovey has been a wonderful mother. Usually mother cats lose patience with their kittens after they've been weaned and prefer be separated from them. Not Lovey. She is still patient and gentle with hers,  playful and nutty as they all are. She is a very young cat herself, lithe and elegant, sweet-tempered and affectionate. I hope she finds the loving home she deserves.

Toward the end of our visit, Connie decided to dress the kittens in Christmas outfits. Connie knows what she's doing — I'd say that her kittens are "handcrafted," in fact, to be ideal kittens for adoption to loving homes  — so I guess this sort of challenge is a good way to socialize them further.

But as you'll see, the Christmas clothes were not well-received. Here are my two photos of an Ethan Errol, who was not amused:

Winnow wasn't any happier about the Santa hat:

And Belladora hated her party dress and wriggled out of it a few seconds later:

As we were leaving, the four of us (including Connie's husband) decided we all needed to head to Kittery for dinner at the When Pigs Fly Pizzeria. You need to go there, too. It's a big, hip, industrial space that feels more like Soho than Maine. And it is right next to the WPF company store, which has a huge stock of all of their breads, cookies, and other items. There are loads of samples — you need to watch out for the woman handing out salted-caramel cookie samples or you might not have enough room left for pizza.

While the store alone is worth the drive from Boston, the wood-fired pizza is every bit as good as you would expect WPF's bakers to make it. (We ordered one with medjool dates, soppressata, and "hot" honey; we also shared one with asparagus, spinach, roasted onions, tomato pesto, and fontina) They serve plenty of other things besides pizza, and they have lots of local and imported beers.)

Maine, kittens, friends, bread, cookies, pizza... it was a great day.

And then it got scary. Stay tuned...


  1. Oh, It sounds like all of you had a wonderful time....well, maybe not the little furry mannequins that didn't care for you clothing choices, heeheeheehee

  2. It was a wonderful day, and we were both so glad you came up and that I invited us along for dinner.. :) Thank you again for visiting


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