Thursday, November 19, 2015


I used to listen to music in the apartment via my old iPod (a fat silver-and-white one, with a "wheel" for navigation), which I plugged into a dock wired to a small Denon stereo with decent speakers. Several months ago, the iPod stopped working and the front started to bulge. The guy at the Apple Genius Bar urged us to throw it out before anything worse happened. Since then, I've been listening to my husband's music on his equally old iPod, since nothing else works in that old dock. I don't like headphones, and the speakers on my laptop will never cut it.

My husband's tastes are eclectic, so there's Fairport Convention, Al Stewart, and the Ditty Bops, along with U2, Jethro Tull, and way too much Yes and Steve Howe in his music library. He also has a thing for very high-pitched female soloists who sound about 11 years old, and I am of an age to find this nymphet thing annoying. As they sing moody ballads in foreign languages, I make up English translations, like: "I have lost my pencil case... So I can't do my homework... I'm going to flunk fifth grade again. Math is hard." 

Baby voices aside, I found enough of his music that I liked to keep me from going crazy, but I missed my own music. My taste runs more to Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, older Tom Petty, and the Cowboy Junkies. I was also worried about my Christmas playlist, which goes on continuous shuffle around December 1 every year. 

Two days ago, my husband figured out a magic (he says) way to get my music onto his iPod without removing his, so I am back in business. And just in time, since I have a little writing assignment for a website on the left coast.

Lion airing his musical grievances.

I can report that Lion doesn't like the soundtrack from Master and Commander. It has a lot of ominous bass drumming (enemy frigates looming on the horizon) that sounds like thunder and sends him under the sofa.

He prefers the soundtrack from Little Women (Winona Ryder version), which I often play continuously when I'm working. As in, it's playing when my husband leaves for work and is still playing when he comes home at night. And I look up in a fog as he makes fun of me, and say, "What?"

This year, Apple stopped selling iPods with enough storage space for a good-sized personal music library. I also can't store music I've copied from my CDs on my iPhone — only songs I've bought on iTunes, which is not very many. Apple wants everyone to pay a monthly subscription fee to download their music from iTunes. "Fie upon that," say I. I bought too many CDs back in the day, and I should be able to listen to that music on any device I've also paid for. So there! It's working... for now.

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  1. well that's a bummer.. how much storage do you need for your library??


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