Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Warm Head, Cold Feet

It's that time of year when the windowsills are chilly and the radiator covers are toasty, and a smart, flexible cat can find the best of both worlds. 

Here's Toffeepot, demonstrating how it's done. He is the quintessential cat. He gave us a hairball at 5 o'clock this morning, delivering it with just enough drama that we both leaped out of bed in the darkness as if on command. He had deftly positioned it on a dark patch on our Persian carpet, guaranteeing that I stepped on it as we hunted for it. That's a professional.

A great cat trains his people so that, instead of freaking out, we feel rather proud of him. Toffee got a warm welcome when he curled up next to me after we stumbled back to bed.

Toffeepot was named in honor of the Coffeepot, one of Charles Eliot's waterfront summer houses in Northeast Harbor, and it occurred to me that some of you who love Mount Desert Island may have missed last month's news. There's a legal battle up going on up there between President Eliot's descendants and Mitchell Rales, the billionaire who recently bought Eliot's historic Blueberry Ledge property, tore down the house and dynamited the ledges, and built a vast bunker-like complex in its place. Now he's suing the Eliot relatives over an easement that allegedly gives them access to a beach on his property.

You can read all about it here. An easement lawsuit is bound to be interesting, since it will hinge on interpretations of old deeds and other documents. I will post any new developments I learn about here. We are siding firmly with the Eliot family, and not only because we've visited the Coffeepot. More on that subject later.


  1. Thanks for the article. My mother was in MDI in September and mentioned this. Her mother grew up in Hancock/Ellsworth and my grandfather is buried in Ledgelawn cemetery.

  2. we always seem to have a legal battle going on about access rights to the beach.. it is just sad..

    Toffeepot is quite a cat indeed

  3. Love the Cats Cat, Toffeepot!!
    I've been to MDI sadly only once. My brother worked for years at he Jackson Lab near there. We stayed at the Cleftstone B&B. It was wonderful. I would love to hear updates. I am rooting for the Eliots too. A bunker? really?

    1. A few members of my husband's family worked at the Jackson Lab, too. That's how he discovered MDI, staying in Bar Harbor every August as a boy. We stayed at Cleftstone on our first trip up there together and loved it. That Rales house is awful, it just is, and there's a huge art gallery or something with no windows that really looks like a massive stone bunker... or jail. No taste.


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