Friday, December 11, 2015

Cats Cooking: Asparagus Soup

My husband dragged me out of bed early this morning to bear witness what had gone on in the kitchen overnight. I'd been keeping some asparagus in the fridge and the water in the jar had frozen solid. So around dinnertime I'd taken it out to thaw and then forgot about it.

Someone found it and created a simple asparagus soup (with a touch fur for texture and protein). It appeared that a second stalk was also headed for the bowl but it had either rebelled or escaped:

I'm pretty sure our chef is Lion since he is the only cat with any interest in vegetables. He loves broccoli and sweet potatoes while the others watch curiously and won't even try them. We found asparagus remnants in the living room, too.

We also found this:

Again, this indicates that Lion was cooking because Possum is too lazy, Wendy never goes on the counters, and Harris and Toffee would never have been able to resist pushing the glass onto the floor. Lion either has better manners or he enjoys living on the edge.

"Cats Cooking" may be a new series here at APB, but it will depend on how inspired Lion is and how often I accidentally leave food sitting around overnight.

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