Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oh, Well... What's Next?

My laptop went bananas this afternoon in very disturbing ways and Apple Support couldn't fix it over the phone, so I've got a date with a Genius tomorrow.

I was looking forward to telling you about the bizarre, scary, and probably very expensive thing that Harris did in the middle of the  night. (It's so crazy that I think Toffee had to have given him the idea.) But unfortunately I can't, since I'm stuck typing this on my phone, and I can't risk stressing my left index (typing) finger, which must be coddled  and rested for its all-important role in wreath decorating next week. It's my pinecone-jabbing finger, see.

More later. Someday. Guess I'll go read more Barbara Pym stories or something. What did we DO before we had laptops?

1 comment:

  1. you read more Barbara Pym stories..

    seriously, your bad luck has got to turn around here quickly.. you have too many beautiful cats for all this to not be just a fluke.


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