Thursday, December 17, 2015

Recent Adorableness: Toffeepot

Toffee kept me company while I decorated our tree. There was a Patriots' game on, and I don't trust anyone with my ornaments anyway. (I broke three all by myself.) But I thought there'd be a few more cats looking for trouble. I think the other four were in a secret meeting to divide responsibilities for future tree wreckage amongst themselves. Toffee's assignment is apparently surveillance.

He took a supervisory role, watching quietly as I shrieked over broken glass.. He didn't chew lights or wires, pull items off the tree, or climb it — as he has did during his previous two Christmases. In other words, he was rather a let-down. Our crazy kitten may be all grown up. 

But the next day, I found that a tiny, expensive jointed teddy bear and a bird ornament lying on the floor at some distance from the tree. So all is well.

1 comment:

  1. he was just biding his time.. trying to make it special for you


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