Friday, January 1, 2016

Holiday Time at the Charles Street Supply

Charles Street Supply, Beacon Hill's friendly and overfilled neighborhood hardware store, always has a creative holiday window. This year's design is a wintry display with three trees and so much silver glitz and spray paint that I am jealous of whoever made it. I think spray-painting with metallic paints is a blast and I only get to do it for Garden Club wreaths.

I wish my photos were better, but I keep forgetting to shoot the window when I'm over there during the day. It looks best at night anyway. But my iPhone has limitations. 

As you can see, there's an owl perched at the top of tree: 

Look closely at the photo below and you'll see that each owl has encountered a mousetrap. It looks painful... until you consider that owls love to eat mice... so maybe they are holding the traps in their beaks because they plan to use them for their intended purpose, saving themselves an evening's work. Look a bit lower and you'll see that the designer juxtaposed screwdrivers and silver balls, and then paintbrushes and pinecones:

Further down, there are hammers, roses and an unholy satisfying amount of glittered plastic:

I have yet to go on a wreath-primping walk although I have tweaked the few that are on my street. Maybe tomorrow I'll head to Beacon Hill and the South End and see how "my" outdoor wreaths are faring. And I'll try to take better photos.


  1. Amazing! Very artistic and a big wow! No hardware store here that would do such a unique display!

  2. I love it -so creative!


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