Saturday, January 30, 2016

It Must Still be Christmas Somewhere

Every year, my goal is to put away our numerous Christmas decorations in a timely, complete fashion. Every year I evaluate my performance as I try to remove every darn thing. And every year, I miss something. One year it was the fake mistletoe ball that was still hanging over the kitchen doorway well into January. 

This year's failure is even later and even more embarrassing:

Yes, I look at that calendar all the time. It's on the back of our door, for crying out loud, so I see it every time I leave the house. I consult it often as I sit at my desk, too. 

I noticed it yesterday and smacked my forehead in a clich├ęd traditional Italian gesture. And, yes, I left it there.... I have nowhere to put it now that [almost] everything else is packed away. I'll deal with it on Monday when I change the calendar.

My excuse is that its color blends too well with the calendar illustration. 

I meant to get rid of it when I took down the tree because it's a little too large for my taste and its gotten stained (Harris licking it?). But I changed my mind and took it out of the trash. A friend from Italy had sent us a box of handmade ornaments a few years ago, and I felt bad about tossing her handiwork. 

If you ever want to torture me, give me something horrible that you made yourself. I might hate it but I'll treasure the fact that you made it for me, and no amount of Marie Kondo Magic of Tidying reasoning brainwashing will ever make me feel okay about parting with it.


  1. at least you didn't change the calendar and put it back and then notice..

  2. I have that calendar! It hangs in my kitchen, thought today I noticed I forgot to change it to February.


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