Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Portraits of Cats that Aren't Harris

If we try to pet, play with, or have a conversation with one of the other cats, Harris will overhear and quickly try to get in the middle of it — because he believes he most deserves our attention. As he continually points out, he is the Most Important Cat.

So I'm a little surprised that I managed to get decent portraits of our other boys without any Harris photobombs. He will no doubt do something fiendishly adorable soon to earn himself a photo spread of his own.

In the meantime, here's Toffee looking uncharacteristically wise and dignified. Don't tell Harris, but we think Toffee is the handsomest tabby ever. His markings are magnificent and fierce, but he's kind of silly when one gets to know him. He flops around, legs sprawling with abandon when we pet him, and purrs so hard that he gives himself coughing fits. 

Lion and Possum were doing their best to look intellectually intimidating when I took their photo. I wouldn't attempt to debate either of them these days, although they had only been talking over the plot of the first episode of Downton Abbey's final season, which Lion had slept through. He's seen enough of the previous two seasons (he's only two years old) to get the idea that it's mainly about food, and wanted Possum to tell him all about Mrs. Patmore and Daisy, the only characters that interest him. (And had there been any poultry, cheese, asparagus, or broccoli)?

Possum tried to give him a more nuanced understanding; after all, he has been around as long as the show itself — six years. Sometimes I sense that Possum believes it's his show, designed for his entertainment. He can do such a superb impression of Sir Robert Crawley that it's annoying. But he never gets far with Lion, who tends to reduce every subject to black and white, for some reason. Whereas Possum's mind is far more sophisticated — there are always many shades of gray in his viewpoints, ideas, and musings. And even some tan....

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  1. You have other cats that aren't Harris? :) when I saw the title I almost thought you were going to share photos of neighbors' or friends' cats.


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