Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sublimated Chicken Breast

I've been buying rotisserie chicken breasts lately. We both like white meat so there's less waste than there is with a whole bird. We'll often get five or six servings from one. I also roast bone-in breasts myself when I can find a deal on good ones.

I left a cold rotisserie breast out the other night, to warm up a bit before I turned on the oven. I didn't know that chicken can sublimate — turn from a solid to a gas without an intermediary liquid state, but here is proof:

The cats were the first to notice the phenomenon; I found Possum up on the counter, where he described the disappearing chicken skin and breast meat with amazement. All the other cats were also there, listening to him wide-eyed. And licking their chops.


  1. I think you should attempt to run that experiment a second time and see if it happens again.

  2. Amazing the things the Professor learns, then teaches his pupils. And yes, I too think you should let the experiment be replicated. I am sure the students would love to compare notes from the first to the second time.


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