Friday, January 8, 2016

Wreath Checkup

I know Christmas is ancient history, but lots of people still have their trees up, outdoor decorations are everywhere, the post-Christmas sales are still going, and I'll bet you still have some holiday sweets hanging around. (If not, I happen to know that Maria's Bakery in the North End is still selling Christmas cookies... because I got more yesterday).

So why not consider a few wreaths, still in situ on local doors?

I only had a handful of Back Bay customers who ordered outdoor wreaths, so here are just three sets of doors. The wreaths were all in very good shape, I must say. Even the holly looked fresh and unshriveled, and the birds haven't been going after the berries. And I didn't have to primp any of these bows; they are being looked after by their owners:

A lot of my wreaths landed in places like Weston and even New Hampshire this year, but there's one somewhere on Beacon Hill I want to check out, and a trio in the South End I also want to see. If it's dry and not too cold tomorrow, I will take a very long walk.

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  1. They do look good.. My wreath looked so horrid that we had to take it down


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