Thursday, February 11, 2016

And We're Back...

My laptop is home from the Apple Garage, or whatever they call the place where they send devices to be fixed. I had to replace the hard drive in December, but that didn't solve another, longstanding problem, which was spontaneous crashing, sometimes several times a day. It was still under the 90-day warranty for the hard drive, so this repair (logic board replacement) was free. And it came with a  new 90-day warranty on the whole computer. That's great because it's more than five years old, and that's pushing into geriatric territory, at least according to the Apple Geniuses. I hope to get another year or two out of it, anyway.
I am well protected by Apple these days. Last week, I had my phone's screen replaced since I'd cracked it somehow. We'd forgotten that we'd purchased two years of AppleCare coverage with our new phones in the fall of 2014. But when I typed the serial number into their system, it was still covered. So that was a free repair, too.

In other news: Toffee. He can be such an elegant, dignified cat. . . until he's not. And last night, he was proudly showing off his sneakers.

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