Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Connie's Latest Crop of Kittens

We had a kitten craving so we drove to Maine on Saturday to visit Connie, of Tails from the Foster Kittens, and meet the current occupants of her kitten room. The last time we'd visited was Thanksgiving weekend, and we'd had a little accident as we drove home. So we kept a sharp lookout along the way and managed not to hit Christmas trees lying in the road this time.

Show me any kitten on her back and I am done for. This is Sprite. 

Connie has two fluffy female kittens: Wryn, a shy gray tabby, and Sprite, a frosted black, otherworldly creature. She also has their beautiful mama, Lemonade, who purrs up a storm and is sweet and affectionate, with giant, sturdy paws. She reminds us of our Toffeepot — wild-looking, with striking tabby markings and big tufts of fur in her ears. (She has a much louder purr.) Judging from the length of the fine silky guard hairs sticking out all over her, she she ought to have a longer, heavier Maine Coon-type coat, and perhaps she will someday when she's fully grown. She's not much older than her kittens and loves to play and run around.

All three are sweet, gentle, and playful, and need to be adopted into wonderful homes. As adorable as the babies are, it's their mama who stole our hearts.

My photos of Lemonade didn't come out as well as some of the kitten pictures (and even when I got a good shot it's often "watercolor-y') but here are the best of the bunch:

This is Wryn. Already gorgeous and will look like her mother when she's grown.

 See? Sprite is the perfect name for this little one.

Both kittens know how to rock a basket.

This is Lemonade. Look at those furry ears and that intelligent face.

This is Happy Bear, a cat-blog celebrity. Happy Bear is happiest when there's a kitten on him.

Yes, we would have liked to take this one home.

If you're in the market for a perfect kitten or cat, you may have met your match. See more of them and contact Connie via her blog if you're interested.


  1. Goodness Wryn is photogenic.. She kills me deaded just looking at her

  2. Gorgeous photos of the kittens and Lemonade! Such adorable floofiness!


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