Thursday, February 4, 2016

De-Christmasing Complete?

Toffee shelters under a footstool during the de-Christmasing frenzy.

De-Christmasing complete? Don't ask me.

In case you are wondering why this matters so much to me, let me just say that, when I was growing up, I had close relatives who left their seven artificial Christmas trees up all year long (they threw out their real tree in a timely fashion). I loved them dearly but I became determined to be considerably more cool about Christmas decorating when I came of age. I not only vowed to take down my Christmas stuff after a decent interval, I vowed to never have any artificial trees, let alone seven. (All right, I do collect little wax trees. They are candles, in fact, which I have forbidden my husband to light. I have a small forest of 14 of them and I add more each year. I adore them. But that's different.)

Our two balsam wreaths went into the trash last night and I believe that nothing visible remains from the holidays except for a few little chocolates in Christmasy wrappings, sitting in a tiny bowl. And they are so delicious that they won't survive for long, I promise. Aside from our all-season pinecones, the only remotely "holiday" items hanging around are a few cat toys that  are shaped like candy canes and so on. Or so I think.

Today I had to find a home for a small pile of unbreakable ornaments that I'd rescued from a plastic Christmas tree tossed out in the alley. (Good alley finds are so satisfying. I once found a Pottery Barn lampshade, still wrapped in plastic, that perfectly fit our weirdly sized PB floor lamp, which I'd all but given up on.) The ornaments had been sitting at the bottom of a small shopping bag hanging from the knob of my closet door for the past month. But there were other things on top of them and I'd forgotten all about them.

I keep looking around and I think I'm in the clear. It's just that there's usually one more thing... and I mean one more thing besides that ornament that was hanging on top of our calendar until last week.

There are probably Christmas cards in the piles of mess on my desk, but I've decided that those don't count any more than the [paid] Christmas bills there do. I truly need to clear off my desk. I've needed to clean it up for many weeks but I'm never in the mood. Maybe tomorrow. It will be snowing, or so they say. That will probably put me in even less of a desk-cleaning mood but I try to think more positively these days.

Please note that Halloween pumpkins and the like don't count in my de-Christmasing tally. They belong in their own category, probably the "Can't You Throw Anything Away?" category. And, yes, ours is looking just dandy despite its advanced age, thank you! It's a cute little flat one this year. Very manageable. Not likely to trip me up and cause me to sprain an ankle as I carry it to the trash in time for the first day of spring... as I did a few years ago.

So what am I forgetting? I'll let you know as soon as it turns up.

 Possum and Toffee know where the overlooked Xmas item is but act nonchalant.

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