Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Off the Air for a Bit

My laptop is getting repaired and won't be ready until somewhere around Saturday, so I may not be posting much for the next few days.

For one thing, importing photos on an iPad is a pain. The picture above is old but it's about all this old iPad would show me of Harris. And it won't let me make the photo any bigger. 

Also, typing on a screen with autocorrect is annoying.  

In my absence, I suggest you devote the time you'd normally waste reading my blog to something more edifying. I am following Harris's lead; I will use my extra time to contemplate his perfection. He finds it endlessly fascinating and it has done wonders for his self-esteem, not that it was ever in jeopardy. Maybe it will have similar benefits for me. 

I also plan to read several library books that have been gathering dust. I plan to clean my desk. It's already looking great because I got as far as shoveling all the clutter into two shopping bags, but now I can't find anything. And I think I will get some cake. That's always a good idea. 


  1. mmm.. cake ;)

    I so need to clean off my nightstand again.. maybe next week

  2. Actually, I find your blog quite edifying. Especially the cat photos: I've never seen such feline adorableness, such character, such splendiferous fur! I hope Harris gets a good commission on all the compliments you receive for your photography.


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