Friday, February 5, 2016

Recent Adorableness: Two-Fer

Toffee is a graceful jumper and goes wherever he pleases but we almost never see Possum up on the bookcases. Gavity is habitually unfair to him.

That was my tactful way of suggesting that he is not an athletic cat — how did I do? I was working along the lines of what  polite people say about someone in prison. I first heard it from a rich neighbor of Martha Stewart's when she was in the slammer several years ago: 

"She's not going out much these days."

I had to haul help Possum down because he refuses to understand that a soft landing on the sofa will not leave him limping the next day, as jumping to the floor often does. I tell him this every time he's up there but he just stares through me, oblivious. Humans aren't supposed to give cats advice.

He has pointed out, pointedly, that I have never been seen sitting on the bookcases myself. It's true; it's not my sport. But I can open their glass doors and peruse the contents. To each his/her own.

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  1. Next time he is up there, get some treats out and sit on the sofa and offer them to him. I bet he'll get the hint


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