Monday, February 15, 2016

The Gang's All Here

I'm interrupting the cookware sage because: cats!

Four cats hanging out together is a common sight around here but we rarely get a photo opp with all five. This happened the other night. We could really use another sofa for the humans.

Wendy doesn't often hang out with all four of the boys and she likes to make a big show of fleeing from her cozy spot if I walk into the room. On this particular night, I think she was very sleepy. (But when we're eating lunch or dinner, she will come sit on the table about a foot from me. She will Risk Death for food.)

We often find everyone but Lion dozing on the bed. Wendy will vanish as soon as I appear. Everyone else comes as goes as we settle in for the night. And Lion usually arrives later, when I'm under the covers and I ask him to visit and make biscuits.


  1. All of my cats love and adore me, and I still have a very hard time getting them all in one photograph without food being involved.. I think there is some sort of kitty code that says they can't let it happen.

    I think you need a camera to keep an eye on them when you aren't around..


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