Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

We don't usually do much to celebrate Easter, aside from picking up half-price Dove chocolate eggs on Easter Monday, but this year we decided to be festive, so we dyed eggs yesterday. We used Paas dye tablets instead of food coloring; there was a big display at CVS, and the box advertised "shimmer paint" so we couldn't resist.

To mix things up, we hardboiled a few brown eggs to see what color effects we would get. Using yellow, purple, and pink dyes, they looked like they'd turn out horribly. We got nicer results with red, and we dipped one in both blue and green, and that one came out the best. The pink and purple tablets yielded sad, uneven colors results with white eggs, too.

We also did several with my patented rainbow-dipping technique, where the whole egg is colored yellow and then partially dipped in other colors to get spectrum effects. Paas is runny and it bleeds; I've gotten much better results with food coloring.

The shimmer paint made up for the poor dyes, however, as you can see in the photos. There were four packets of color, a tray to hold paints and eggs, and two brushes. The trick with shimmer paint — for me, at least — is similar to the one I use for decorating wreaths: just keep adding more and more until you think you're finished. Then take a short break and add more. And then a little more. Then you're done. Unless it needs just a touch more.

We layered on shimmer paint so thickly (covering up ugly dye jobs, mostly) that they eggs were still sticky 12 hours later after sitting in the fridge. They looked better and better as they dried, though. Then they stuck to the carton; I cracked one trying to remove it. Still, the shimmery effects were quite nice, although they look better in photos than they do in person.

I look forward to getting Paas again, tossing most of the dye tablets (and using food coloring instead) and using shimmer paint on every egg. And maybe buying some Dove chocolate eggs before Easter.

Harris examined our results and approved them:

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  1. or you could use white eggs :) I think they came out lovely.


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