Sunday, March 6, 2016


Tonight was sardine night; there were five nice fat ones in the Trader Joe's tin, which seemed to vindicate my ownership of five cats, so everyone got one alongside their usual  dinner. I thought Wendy didn't like sardines but she stayed around and cleaned up all five bowls after the boys stuffed themselves and gave her their leftovers.

Harris and his toy

After sardines, everyone's breath smells more like Harris's. He always has bad breath. It sometimes wakes me up at night. When he licks my ear or neck, I want to take a shower. We brush his teeth every other night and I don't see signs of trouble or decay. Nor did the vet when she examined him and his bad breath January. It seems that he's just smellier than other cats; it's like he eats a steady diet of rotting seafood, like a gull. But aside from the sardines, we never feed any fish. Since Harris is entirely convinced that he is the most perfect cat of all time, this must mean that wicked-bad breath is the Feline Ideal. No other conclusion is logical.

Harris loves our new pole toy, which has a thick wad of pheasant feathers attached to a leather cord. He commandeers it and crouches with it in his mouth, growling, for as long as I'll let him. We love his growling; he reminds us of Christopher Walken in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I finally stop him when I can't stand his breath from where I'm sitting. By that point, everyone else who'd be waiting for their turn with toy will leave it alone because it's now soaked with Harris's saliva. It's a pure win for Harris.

 Soundtrack: "Grrrrrrrrr.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr."

Yesterday, I got him a new toy, a little green thing that has dried mint wrapped in tough mesh that cats can chew with abandon. Cats are supposed to love the taste of mint, which is supposed to freshen their breath. I presented it to Harris. He knocked it to the floor, jumped down to sniff it, and walked away. Not so much.


  1. I haven't found a cat that likes mint.. but they all do seem to love cardboard

  2. and if your sardine theory is correct, I guess you aren't coming to adopt Wryn ;)

  3. I had a kitty (Sabrina fair) who loved anything mint! We discovered this when my kind husband was rubbing peppermint lotion on my swollen, pregnant feet. She went crazy! She rubbed herself all over my feet, "talking" the whole time and sometimes biting my toes. We purchased some mint toys for her and she would act the same way when we pulled them out. We couldn't leave them out as her behavior wouldn't stop unless we took them away.


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