Tuesday, March 22, 2016

House of Possum

We recently watched Season 4 of House of Cards, which was so good that we decided not to binge-watch it but to lengthen the experience by rationing ourselves to two or three episodes per night. The show always gives us plenty to think about, dissect, and discuss in between viewings.

In previous seasons, and as late as last spring, we tsk-tsked at Frank Underwood for being so evil, ruthless, and power-hungry and believed the politicians who assured us that Washington was nothing like that. But the current political climate has made us realize that fact could soon be worse than fiction. Horrible as he is, Frank still seems less appalling than the current real crop of Republican candidates. In  comparison he now looks like a civilized, intelligent, seasoned, even reasonable choice compared to Trump or Cruz. It was strange and scary to watch Frank's diabolical schemings as a pleasant distraction from the real political horror show that's unfolding in our country.

The show's many plotlines are complex and packed with telling details and nuances, so we plan to watch it again to take even more from it. As Claire Underwood, Robin Wright dominates every one of her scenes, giving; even the brilliant Kevin Spacey had to work hard to keep up with her. But in spite of great performances and a riveting story, we were frequently distracted from the screen by the side-show going on in a nearby armchair.

Not many people can steal the spotlight from Frank and Claire Underwood but there's a cat who can:

Sometimes Lion got into the act:

To make room for two on the sofa, where we watched the show on a laptop, we often had to evict someone:

Or several someones:

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