Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Long-Leggedy Beastie

That's our Lion. When I saw this photo on my laptop, I was surprised — it looked like someone had played a trick with Photoshop. He really does have very long legs.

And he doesn't welcome impolite comments about it, thank you very much:

And lest you think that one leg is a fluke, he has three more to show off:

I was not pleased to find Lion curled up on the cooktop and he was responding to my yelling pointed criticism when I took this shot. We have had many animated, emphatic discussion with him and Possum about staying off the kitchen counteres and cooktop, but they aren't persuaded. I wish Toffee would tell them about New Year's Eve 2012, when he was a kitten and jumped on the hot burners, and had to go for emergency care at Angell Animal Medical Center (mercifully open 24/7/365). We had been worrying about a cat doing that, and my husband was there, but he was busy stopping Harris from jumping and didn't see Toffee. We try to be vigilant about the burners but I know we're never going to be perfect. And the cats go where they please after we go to bed so it's a continual problem.

Go ahead, make my day.

We have similar safety concerns about Harris, who wants to eat all forms of plastic, especially dry cleaning and grocery bags and stray bits of fishing line. When I'm in bed in the morning and my husband is getting dressed for work, I often hear him saying to Harris, "Hey, we talked about that!" as Harris goes for the edges of the plastic bags I use to keep moths from eating my woolen clothes. Harris also found a dollop of shoe-polish my husband left on the kitchen floor the other day. Fortunately it was water-based and he just needed a foot bath. (Husband was mortified and received a yelling lecture on top of it.) 

It is never dull around here, we are continually on edge, wondering Who is going to do What next.


  1. You can tell Harris that he is not alone in his love for plastic. His little sister Pinky will eat any plastic she can find. We have to hide everything from her. She ate the top off a bag of potatoes that was on the floor for less than a minute when my husband stepped out of the room. There is NO plastic safe around my little girl.

    1. I told him! He pouted. He wants to be unique. I reassured him that he is. (Then he wanted his own bag of potatoes.) Thank you for letting us know! It's constant vigilance around here but we adore him so we are glad to do it. And thank you again for the marvelous gift of our remarkable, perfect, beloved Harris!

  2. Sounds like Harris needs some cat grass..

    There is also theory that pediatric neutering delays the signal of the closure of the growth plate, so cats neutered at a young age are often long legged..

    not a problem with cats, but it can be for large dogs


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