Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Three Signs of Spring

All three were spotted today:

1. The Crocus

2. The Snowdrop 

3. The Romper.

I followed this romper as I walked to the T station. Please know that my photos are cropped; I was much further away and oh-so discreet as I snapped them. The romper appears to be a light linen or cotton check with bra straps and an extra layer of fabric at the leg openings (for modesty?). What struck me most about it — besides its existence — was how it had been accessorized. That's a black leather dress belt, and there's heavy-duty hardware on those leather shoes. It would not occur to me to pair black leather with a flimsy romper, but then I have not been schooled in the art of romper-dom. What you can't see is what puzzled me most: she is clutching a very wide-brimmed, hard felt hat to her chest. When I caught a brief glimpse of it, it appeared to be the kind of hat Zorro wore. 

I think I solved the mystery of why a Bostonian in 2016 would choose to dress like this, even on the warmest of spring days (we hit 77 in Boston today). I watched this woman and her companion walk into the LF store on Newbury Street at just after 10 am. A few years ago, I went in there and left quickly; the shop was full of flimsy, wrinkled merchandise displayed in random, messy heaps reminiscent of a teenager's bedroom. In LF, this woman's outfit (as well as this kind of look) could easily happen to someone if she wasn't careful. 

If you look at her clear-plastic shopping bag, you can see a tangled pile of lots of similarly thin, flimsy, possibly LF clothing. (Imagine the outfits she rejected before choosing this one. It boggles the mind.)

I remain opposed to rompers in all their permutations for anyone older than 3. But I am not going to judge this woman too harshly because there's a strong possibility that she has to dress this way because she works at LF and this is the best thing they have to offer.

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  1. Love this post! I was laughing the whole way through!


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